Concepts: The Durable Mind

The process of aging need not be debilitating.

DURABLE MIND is a training program for the enhancement of mental, physical and emotional resilience. The great wellspring of hope which DURABLE MIND reinforces throughout is the scientific fact that the human brain is very often a renewable resource. The mind that is durable is the mind that is endurable.

The DURABLE MIND educational training program is unique because it is brought to the social setting of patient centered elder care where staff, residents, family and loved ones all can support the enhancement of the life experience for themselves and each other. DURABLE MIND proposes a shared journey into the sunset years for loved ones and those who love them. It draws upon the meaningful experience of being cared for and care-giving. The greatest element DURABLE MIND reinforces is social support. Each module emphasizes the meaning and purpose of activity programs which include fitness, nutrition, pain reduction, hardiness and resilience, mindfulness and stress reduction, positive psychology, memory building, relaxation, good sleep, music, puzzles, games, jokes and riddles, and best of all laughter.

As our population ages and the next generation faces their own later years The DURABLE MIND program, shared as a caregiver, becomes a perennial resource for better outlooks and outcomes. The DURABLE MIND program becomes an intergenerational form of social support as children learn it from their parents through caring.

The DURABLE MIND educational training program eschews one principle: Decline is inevitable but despair is not.

Physical exercise, mental challenge, good friends and good nutrition all help postpone decline. Sometimes, medications are helpful too.